Industrial ear piercing is a specialized type of body piercing. It is typically done with a large-gauge needle, and the earring is placed in a cartilage fold. It can also be referred to as cartilage piercings.

     Industrial ear piercing jewelry is typically made of titanium, or stainless steel. Industrial ear piercing jewelry is worn in the cartilage rather than the lobe or helix. There are countless styles of Industrial Jewelry from dainty feminine chains and slim barbells, gorgeous genuine gemstone set options, humorous choices such as one mimicking a Philips-Head Screw through the piercing, and of course the traditional bold large gauge barbell 

     Industrial ear piercings are very different from earlobe piercings, they are usually more painful, and do not heal as quickly.

    Industrial ear piercings are an excellent way to celebrate your freedom of expression and your personal style. They are a great way to compliment your personality with a bold visual element.

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